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29 July 2009 @ 01:20 am
        I'm back!!! I was MIA for such a very long time that I actually forgot how to use the computer. Hahaha. A clear sign  that I'm really getting old. My budding love affair with the Internet was cut short by some very important family matters. I'm still a little bit busy , but I will definitely find some quality time to spend with our dear Maotsujun.  I'm sure tons of fics are waiting for me at ebisu_midnights . Can't wait to read them all!

       I guess that"s all for now. I still have to wake up @3am.

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29 January 2009 @ 10:16 am
I'm baaaaack!!! I have so many things on my mind but I can't find the time to post them here. I've been busy these past few  days and my daughters are alternately using the pc ....my poor babies are sooo busy with schoolwork they barely have time to sleep ...but they have time for some fangirling and stuff...HAH! You think you're so clever, ne...ohh so you honestly thought I wouldn't notice... is Ohno one of our legendary heroes that you have to watch Uta no Onii-san. with such utmost concentration?...do you have to write a detailed report about Kenta and his pathetic life?...hey!  was that Domyouji Korean version that I saw last night? Your eyes were glued to the screen you didn't even notice me...oooops....how come I know all about Ohno's drama and that HYD korean version? awww, I'm so embarrassed now. OK !OK! I admit , I like Ohno's drama, too. So funny and Ohno's cute... ha ha ha. I can almost hear my youngest daughter saying, "GROSS!!! Stop it Mom, you're too old".

Well, enough about that. What I want to point out here is...sometimes we have to be less like a mother to our kids and be more like a friend to them... I know we want what's best for them and so we expect them to really do good in their studies and thus expecting them to spend every waking hours doing just that...STUDYING...sometimes we have to reach out to them...we have to know and try to share their interests...it doesn't have to be jdrama/jpop or kdrama/kpop. I'm sure you have a common interest that will lead you to spend  some quality time together...besides, we were young once, ne...it's that 'been there, done that' thing, ne...it's really hard when there are lots of things to do in school, book reports, quizzes everyday, oral tests, directing a play, writing the screenplay, thesis, extra project here and there, and so much more...on top of that,  you have this teacher/prof that's find it amusing to torture you with so much extra homework especially on Fridays...OHHH weekends, where are you??? so we have to be more lenient ...we have to let them unwind sometime...be it listening to music, watching dramas or whatever they want to do....coz after taking a breather, you will notice that your mind works more properly, refreshed and ready to take that challenge (studying?) again...

I'm not saying here that we should forget our responsibilities as parents... that we should be on the same level all the time...after all they're still young...they still need our guidance...they need our strength...no matter how you look at it, we're more experienced, we're wiser, more mature...oh,and we're still the adult here so they expect more from us... sometimes they think we have all the answers to everything...it's not true of course, but we have to try because most often than not, they rely on us...we have to be strong for them....we have to be there when they need a shoulder to cry on....when they need someone to laugh with, share their happiness. I know it's easier said than done...I had my fair share of blunders, too...there were times when I was too overbearing that I refuse to see things from their point of view....but with God's help, I learned or should I say , learning to balance my role of being a mom and a friend...I'm hopeful that they will come to me when they experience their first heartbreak, when they need a cryng partner (cryng sessions, ne),  and some other things that they normally share with their closest friends...I've been told i'm a good listener and I'd like to believe it's true...I have two good ol' reliable shoulders you can cry on. Care to try? Anyone?

Awww...when it comes to being a MOM I really have a lot to say...It's the same as talking about my Maotsujun...I can talk non-stop...I really LOVE those two. They make me feel young again...I love it how when I look at them, I remember my younger days...the feeling is kinda similar to that of experiencing your first love again...it's  overwhelming...I don't know if you get what I mean here coz it's really hard to put it into words...well, believe me...Ive seen a lot of people in love and I've been in love myself so I know the signs...I don't claim to be an expert and I didn't have any professional background regarding this sort of thing but based from my experience....I'm mostly right when it comes to analyzing two people in love..the body language, the look, ohhh....LOVE...maybe I have to make a separate post for this coz  I could  go on and on and on... I can't help it...and I would like to thank misswoodihut for making me happy these past few days...you know why my dear... and khiiimmy  too..I've been rewatching   old clips/interviews...rereading all the posts from several forums just to quench my Maotsujun thirst...there is no recent news about them but I find comfort in knowing/hoping  that they are enjoying their time with each other  right at this very moment away from the vicious eyes of the hardcore fangirls.

well..bye...for now..
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Hai. Guilty as charged. I used my scariest DOs mode (thanks Jun) and forced my daughter joana to make this account for me. I was quite content with using hers (stalking ebisu midnights, LSS, etc) since I'm still in the process of getting to know the wonders of today's modern technology. I'm just starting my passionate love affair with the PC/Internet so bear with me, please.  But my love for Maotsujun took over so....      this is the result....YAYYYY! My own lj account! I think I'm starting to sound like my daughters. It's been more than a decade since I left the corporate world to follow a career path that needs me 24/7. It's a very demanding job, much bigger responsibilities rest on my shoulders. I was a little scared  then that i won't be able to do it. It was  a learning process, it still is. I still have a lot to learn after all these years. But when you realize that you are not alone, that you have someone to share the hardships,and the sleepless nights, that these people around you needs you as much as you need them, that's the time you knew, YOU CAN DO IT. So now my official title on this job is........ CHOCOLATE COVERED WITH SPRINkLES ON TOP HOUSEWIFE/MOM ( I refuse to be called a plain housewife). It's a very bumpy ride, but I'm doing fine, I guess. When I see my three dughters everyday, I think it's worth it. Oh, btw, I now have four daughters, my eldest is Mao, and just so you know, my future son-in-law is Jun.... he he he, sorry, can't resist saying that... 
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20 January 2009 @ 08:45 pm
This layout was created by someone..only my daughter knows who that person is.
The new icon: credits to : 13dayfairytale 

16 January 2009 @ 08:28 pm
I got my icon from ebisu_midnights 
16 January 2009 @ 08:21 pm
I am...Helen and I'm a fanmom, not a fangirl cause I'm too old to be called one.
I nagged my daughter (joana29 ) to make me an LJ account and here I am, or here she is, typing for me.
I'm an Arashi fan, but I like songs of other J-Artists. But~ i'm a MAOTSUJUN addict! And that's why I'm here.


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